The first step in applying for a visa is understanding which visa best meets your needs. No matter what your reason for travel, each person who travels to Australia must hold a relevant visa. The most common visas are for:

  • Workers
  • Students
  • Visitors
  • Migrants

Please note that each visa category has distinct requirements which need to be met by the applicant, and that different government fees may apply depending on the visa you apply for.

Our staff at YouMoveMe will help determine which visa best suits your needs and assist you in the application process.

Please note that our migration agents are registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), and therefore must comply with the MARA Code of Conduct as stipulated by the Australian authorities.  

Any person who gives Australian migration advice from within Australia must be registered with MARA in accordance with Australian law, even if they are an Australian legal practitioner. Businesses and private practitioners operating from outside Australia do not need to be MARA registered in order to provide immigration advice, however it is generally recommended that you still choose a MARA agent, because you can be certain that they will have met the criterion set by MARA in relation to knowledge and good character, and that they are bound by a professional Code of Conduct.

You can access the Code of Conduct here.