Bringing Pets to Australia

Pets are family too! We understand that sometimes you just can’t live without them.

 Australia is the world’s largest island. Isolated for many thousands of years, Australia is home to some of the most unique flora and fauna on the planet, and it is free of many of the plant and animal diseases found elsewhere in the world. Australia’s strict quarantine rules are well renowned, and it is important to respect what they protect and preserve for you and your family.

Despite strict import conditions, you will be able to bring your cats and dogs to Australia under most circumstances. However it is important to start thinking about Pet Migration early because it can take between 2 months to a year just to get your pet ready and certified for import.

How lengthy and complicated the process is, will depend upon your country of residence, the detection in that country of rabies, and whether that country is approved by Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS) for direct export to Australia despite the presence of rabies.

Singapore, for example, is an AQIS approved country, and bringing your pet directly to Australia will be permitted, so long as they otherwise meet the AQIS import conditions and have received an AQIS import permit. Pets from AQIS approved countries may require some time in quarantine before export, and will usually be required to spend a period of time in quarantine on arrival to Australia. The necessary period of time in quarantine will again be calculated in accordance with your pets’ country of usual residence, and the classification given to that country by AQIS.

Pet migrating from any non-AQIS approved country, must first be relocated to an approved country for a period of at least 6 months before they will become eligible for import under the AQIS conditions that apply to the pet’s new country of residence.

Pet Migration to Australia may require a lot of patience, love and commitment. We can help you feel confident that your pet will be permitted to travel to Australia, and we can help you with all the travel arrangements and paperwork required to see your pet safely on their journey to your new home. We work with trusted kennels and boarding houses in AQIS approved countries, in the event that you are relocating from a non-AQIS approved country and your pet must reside elsewhere for 6 months before being imported to Australia.

We can provide a Pet Assessment which will tell you whether your pet is eligible to travel to Australia and under which conditions. The assessment will outline exactly what steps you need to take, and which vets are qualified to assist you in your area. It will also provide details of quarantine facilities if required. If you are interested in a Pet Assessment, or if you would simply like us to take care of everything for you, please contact us here.

It is absolutely critical that you do not attempt to send your pet to Australia without the correct permits or your pet will be destroyed upon arrival.

For information on the import of other animals to Australia, please contact us.