Created by migrants, for migrants, YouMoveMe provides accurate immigration advice, and a range of related services for individuals, families and businesses who wish to call Australia home.  Whether you want to travel, study, work, or retire in Australia, we advise as to the best visa options for you after fully considering your personal circumstances.

We can assess your eligibility for all Australian visas, and can assist with the visa application itself wherever desired or required.  No matter who you are, our advice and support is offered from the very beginning of the visa application process, to the moment you arrive in Australia.

Not only are many of us migrants ourselves, but every member of the YouMoveMe team has been admitted to the practice of law in Australia, or in other jurisdictions. When we work for you at YouMoveMe in the capacity of advisors or agents, our empathy, our extensive knowledge of various domestic and international laws, and our years of experience dealing with bureaucratic governmental institutions give us a distinct advantage over others.

With offices in Australia and other locations around the world, our team at YouMoveMe will work closely with you to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information, and efficient services.

We genuinely want to give you the experience we wanted for ourselves when we migrated. We want you to feel confident, assured and absolutely capable during every step of what can be an extremely complicated and daunting process. Let us eradicate any doubt or confusion, and help you get where you want to be.

We at YouMoveMe provide:

  • Quality Online Australian Visa Eligibility Assessments;
  • Personal Australian Visa Consultations;
  • Assistance with Australian Visa Applications and Related Procedures such as Skills Assessments;
  • Pet Assessments, Pet Relocation Advice, and Assistance Moving your Pet to Australia;
  • Assistance with finding properties in Australia that suit your purposes.

Please remember that whether you are issued an Australian visa or not is entirely at the discretion of the Australian Government, specifically the Department for Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Although we cannot guarantee that you will be issued a visa (no one can) we can guarantee that your visa application will be the best it can possibly be when it goes before DIAC for consideration.

We welcome you with open arms to YouMoveMe.