Capital: Perth

The only major city in Western Australia, Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is home to some of Australia’s most unique cultural and artistic scenes. The population of Perth is 1,477,800.

State Nomination

States and Territories in Australia regularly review which skills are needed in a particular area to help boost the economy.

If you would like to live in Western Australia, the State Government may be able to nominate you for a Skilled Nominated subclass 190 visa, or a Skilled Regional Sponsored subclass 489 visa. This would allow you to live and work in either Perth, or specific regions of the State, depending on the visa available to you.

Be sure to check whether you qualify before you apply for either of the State nominated visa streams, or you can remove any doubt by applying for a Skilled Migration assessment which will determine which Skilled Migration visas’ are available to you, and the steps you need to take in order to obtain them.

Regional Skilled Migration

Except for the city of Perth and surrounding areas, the entirety of Western Australia is considered a regional area for Skilled Migration purposes and all regions may nominate applicants with the required skills under the Skilled Nominated Regional subclass 489 visa program.

This visa requires nomination from a certified body. Skilled Migration Western Australia is the Regional Certifying Body for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme in the following regions of the State:

  • Christmas and Cocos Islands
  • Gascoyne;
  • Great Southern;
  • Kimberley;
  • Mid West;
  • Peel;
  • Pilbara;
  • South West; and
  • Wheatbelt.

Regional Development Australia is the Regional Certifying Body for the following regions:

  • Goldfields-Esperance region.

Be sure to check whether you qualify before applying for regional skilled migration, or ask us to assess your eligibility for the skilled migration program.

Remember that DIAC limits the number of Western Australia nominations for each migration program year in accordance with the State Migration Plan. The West Australian Government nominates eligible applicants having regard to the number of places available for people with occupations, skills and experience required in Western Australia.